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CORE of McLean’s Annual Adopt-a-Pot Program


Hi folks! Spring is upon us, and that means it's time for our annual Adopt-a-Pot program. We'd like your help in bringing some color and beauty to the village square for us all to enjoy! We will provide the pots and the soil, and you can choose to plant your own flowers or have us plant them for you! 

Adoption fees are $30 for a large pot or $40 for an extra-large pot if you purchase and plant your own flowers, or $40 for large and $50 for extra-large pots if you want us to plant them for you. Please email us at for more details or send a check to: CORE of McLean, PO Box 294, McLean. Deadline is May 15th.
*Please note that we will not be able to have signs with sponsor names made as we have in past years. If you were a sponsor last year, we have last year's signs still in good condition that can be reused. Otherwise, we encourage you to make your own! Using weather-resistant materials like scrap ceramic tile, wood, or metal, decorated with permanent marker or paint, you can make a beautiful and unique sign for your pot!