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Only Flush the Three Ps


The Village of McLean Utilities Department would like to remind everyone to remember to only flush the three Ps down your toilet: 

PEE, POOP and PAPER (toilet) 

Prevent Sewer Backups—trash in toilets is a high cost to everyone! 

Blockages can occur either in the Village’s main sewer line or in the private sewer service line, which the property owner owns and is responsible to maintain. The private line, also known as the lateral, connects the home or building to the public sewer system. Wastewater from sinks, showers, toilets, dishwashers, and washing machines flows through the lateral line to the public sewer system. Lateral lines can be blocked or obstructed by items washed down drains and flushed down toilets. Sewer pipe backups are a problem that no homeowner wants to have; take a proactive approach and keep your pipes clogfree. 

What is getting flushed down your toilet? 

"Flushable Wipes" are a huge problem! Just because the packaging states they can be flushed, doesn't mean they should. Wipes do not break down as toilet paper does. 

Toilet paper is an organic material, which breaks down easily and is acceptable to the treatment process. 

Many businesses and homeowners have experienced plumbing problems, expensive repairs, and even sewer backups into dwellings due to wipes and other items being disposed of in drains and flushed down toilets. 

Sewer systems and wastewater treatment plants were not designed to handle wipes. They catch passing debris and grease creating a "ball" that clogs pipes. They also get drawn into the sewer collection lines and pumps, then clog and damage them. They are costing home and business owners a lot of money; municipalities are spending thousands in additional maintenance and premature equipment repair and replacement. 

Tips to prevent costly backups: 

1. If it is not toilet paper, it does not go with the flow and should not be flushed. 

2. Place a waste bin in the bathroom, preferably near the toilet, so nobody's tempted to flush other items. 

3. Inform your children and houseguests. 

4. Make it a topic of awareness amongst your neighbors and community members. 

5. Wipes are the number one problem; however, there are many other items being flushed so remember, if it is not human waste or toilet paper, it is trash so do not flush. 

Our aim is to educate customers about the correct use and effects of improper use of sewer systems. Please flush wisely to protect pipes and our environment. 

Download a copy of this notice by clicking here.